Welcome! I am a Michigan Doula and Child Birth Educator for Emmet and Charlevoix Counties . I offer services such as emotional, physical and spiritual support to  birthing parents and families during childbirth and postpartum period. My goal is to help you establish a birth plan that will provide a nurturing, caring, supportive environment for you during the amazing life-event of childbirth.

Courtney Holbrook

Exciting News!


I am now offering TENS unit for comfort measures during labor!


What is TENS?


• Mild electrical impulses are transmitted through the skin, where they stimulate nerve fibers

• The depth of penetration is the same as for an acupuncture needle

• A handheld battery-operated device generates the electrical impulses & transmits them via stimulating pads


Benefits of TENS in labor


Reduction, but not elimination, of labor pain with

Freedom to walk or move anywhere 

Control of its use by the laboring person 

The laboring person controls the amount and timing of the stimulation 

No loss of sensations or contraction pain

No decrease of mental function

Continued active participation by the laboring person

Postponement of request for epidural

Potentially elimination of the need for pain medications


Want to know more? Reach out to me! 

Need a consult?

 Now accepting Medicaid as well as managed care plans and private pay! Contracts include up to three prenatal visits, entire childbirth and up to three postpartum visits as well as phone/text support. No additional fees for length of birth.  It is my goal to honor all birthing people and their right to a nurturing, calm life transition into parenthood.  Contact me about your future birth! I look forward to hearing from you!