Welcome! I am a Michigan Doula and Child Birth Educator for Emmet and Charlevoix Counties . I offer services such as emotional, physical and spiritual support to  birthing parents and families during childbirth and postpartum period. My goal is to help you establish a birth plan that will provide a nurturing, caring, supportive environment for you during the amazing life-event of childbirth.

Courtney Holbrook


My reason WHY!



I was 16 years old when I found out I was pregnant with twins.  My birth journey with these two precious girls is the reason I have always wanted to work as birth Doula. I was so fortunate to have an amazing birth Doula during this pregnancy and childbirth.  My Doula inspired me and gave me the knowledge and strength to birth my daughters naturally without medication which set the tone for my births later in life. I will forever be grateful to her for her unconditional support. My births were at 17, 24, 37 and 40 years old all uniquely special.  

Need a consult?

 Now accepting Medicaid as well as managed care plans and private pay! Contracts include up to three prenatal visits, entire childbirth and up to three postpartum visits as well as phone/text support. No additional fees for length of birth.  It is my goal to honor all birthing people and their right to a nurturing, calm life transition into parenthood.  Contact me about your future birth! I look forward to hearing from you!