Welcome! I am a Michigan Doula and Child Birth Educator for Emmet and Charlevoix Counties . I offer services such as emotional, physical and spiritual support to  birthing parents and families during childbirth and postpartum period. My goal is to help you establish a birth plan that will provide a nurturing, caring, supportive environment for you during the amazing life-event of childbirth.

Courtney Holbrook

What are the benefits of a doula?

Think of a doula as a resource you and your partner can rely on throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. A doula can provide physical, emotional, and informational support in many ways:


More coping methods: Your doula can suggest ways to help ease the stress and pain of labor. For example, they can show you breathing techniques or help find a more comfortable position as you work through contractions. A Doula helps support you during labor offering comfot measures during labor pain and supports your decisions to get an epidural if you decide to choose.


Fewer interventions: Studies have shown that doulas can decrease the need for assisted vaginal delivery and lower the likelihood of cesarean birth. If you do end up needing a cesarean, a doula can still provide reassurance and support. Your birth doula may even be able to go with you to the operating room, if you wish, instead of a partner or other support person.


An unbiased resource: Doulas are trained to point you to evidence-based resources, so you can stay informed and empowered throughout your pregnancy and birth. They can also help you put together your birth plan by asking questions you may not have considered. Such as the "golden hour", delayed cord clamping, etc.


An advocate: Once you’re in labor, the doula can be a voice for your birth plan, helping to make your preferences known to your health care team. Your doula can also help you make decisions in the moment. (Sometimes surprises happen, and new choices need to be made.)


Another set of hands: A doula can take a little pressure off your partner, family members, and friends. 


Better communication: Doulas can help navigate confusing situations. They can remind doctors and nurses to explain medical terms and help make sure you always know what is going on.


Extra attention: Your doctor and nurses can’t be in the room for every minute of your labor, as they need to tend to other patients. Having a doula there at all times can help you feel relaxed, calm, and fully supported.


Postpartum support: Some birth doulas continue working with their patients weeks after their birth.


A more satisfying birth experience: People who use birth doulas often report having a more positive childbirth experience. 

Need a consult?

 Now accepting Medicaid as well as managed care plans and private pay! Contracts include up to three prenatal visits, entire childbirth and up to three postpartum visits as well as phone/text support. No additional fees for length of birth.  It is my goal to honor all birthing people and their right to a nurturing, calm life transition into parenthood.  Contact me about your future birth! I look forward to hearing from you!